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Ticketing Done Right


Enabled Technology

At TSQ, we make it easy for you to sell and purchase tickets for your favorite events.


To become a seller, simply create an account and set up your payment settings using your existing Stripe account.


All revenue from ticket sales will be deposited directly into your account, this means you will be responsible for any refunds or disputes that may arise.


With TSQ, you can securely and easily sell your tickets to a global audience.


Ticket SQ is the ultimate destination for buying and selling tickets online.


As a seller, we encourage you to create a profile, set up your account, and start listing your available tickets.


Our platform is user-friendly and secure, making it easy for you to connect with buyers and make a sale.

Join our growing community of sellers today.



Ticket SQ is a cutting-edge ticket machine offering unique one-off and static QR codes and embed codes to our clients.


These codes can be copied, embedded, printed, and distributed as many times as you like, becoming an interactive marketing tool on your socials, posters, flyers, or website.


When your customers or fans scan these codes, they'll be taken directly to your Ticket SQ page wherever it is hosted so they can buy tickets and download promotions for your event.


Seamless User Experience

Introducing Enhanced Ticketing with Ticket SQ:


Elevate Your Event Experience! At Ticket SQ, we go beyond just ticketing.


Our state-of-the-art platform empowers event organisers to boost ticket value by adding unique promotions.


In a few simple steps, you can select your ticket type and enrich it with digital goodies like a complimentary download or tangible perks like a drink or merchandise.


Customise up to 5 fields to gather key insights about your attendees, and the best part? All that invaluable data is yours to keep.


Effortlessly Oversee Event Access and Dive Deep into Real-Time Analytics with the TSQ Door App.


With your dedicated TSQ Seller account, not only can you monitor your event's progress around the clock, but you can also seamlessly distribute promotions to elevate the attendee experience.


GDPR Compliant Ticketing


The GDPR brings rules for collecting personal data in Europe. At Ticket SQ, we follow these rules closely. To see how we handle your data, check our latest legal documents:


Your Data, Your Control

With Ticket SQ, you have full control over your attendees' data. We act solely as the processor, using the data only to deliver our service. We will not send marketing emails to your attendees or share their information. It's entirely your data.


Keeping Data Safe

We protect your data and ensure full compliance with GDPR. We work with a few third parties, some of which are outside the EU, all adhering to GDPR standards.


Informing Users of the Service

Under GDPR, you must inform users of the service why you’re collecting their data and how you’ll use it. Typically, this is outlined in a privacy policy. If you have one, you can copy and paste it to your online box office for users to see when registering for tickets.


Customisable Privacy Policy for Your Event


Under GDPR, you must inform users of the service why you’re collecting their data and how you’ll use it. We’ve included a preloaded Privacy Policy for you to modify according to your needs. It’s crafted specifically for events, so you can personalise it and be ready to go.

It's important to thoroughly review the sample privacy and cookie policy to ensure it accurately describes the personal data you collect and how you handle it. We do not guarantee its suitability for your specific needs. If you are uncertain, consulting a legal expert is advisable.


Collecting Consent for Marketing

You might require consent to send email marketing. We've streamlined this process by including an opt-in checkbox in your online box office.

This feature also functions in campaign mode, providing you with a powerful marketing tool that remains fully compliant.

If you have any questions about our GDPR practices, please email us at


GDPR: You own all your ticket buyer data

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