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Shop Safely with Ticket SQ: Support Your Community, Clubs, and Artists!


Driving a Sustainable Future

In a World Ruled by Industry Giants, Ticket SQ Stands for the True Fans. In the midst of behemoths like Big Music and Big Sport, Ticket SQ is here to support the heartbeat of our culture: grassroots sports clubs, local venues, indie musicians, artists, and theatre groups.




Because we believe in giving you, the genuine fan, a direct and meaningful connection to the events and talents you cherish.


It's all too common for intermediaries to take a cut from every corner, but our commitment is to bridge the genuine connection: ensuring you directly support the artists, the teams, and the venues you love.


By merging ticket sales with digital content and tangible perks, Ticket SQ utilises a uniue new method for live shows, local sports, and intimate theatre to enrich your experience in a market that truly deserves your support.

For True Fans Seeking Fairness

If you're looking to secure tickets to a diverse range of events — from intimate gigs to grand festivals, local theatre productions to nail-biting sports matches, or intriguing art exhibitions, we need a level playing field — Ticket SQ is your fairest choice.


Passionate about supporting your favourite band or theatre troupe? Keen on grabbing merchandise from an up-and-coming artist or sports team? With Ticket SQ, every purchase directly contributes to those who create the magic.


Furthermore, for aficionados of digital content, whether from grassroots artists or established labels, Ticket SQ provides a platform grounded in integrity and direct support. It's not just a secure experience for the buyer, but also an empowering platform for the seller.


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This is the space to introduce the business’s team and what makes it special.



This is the space to introduce the business’s team and what makes it special.

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